by Mob Terror



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released July 6, 2017

Sam Gasparre- vocals & guitar
Alex Kulick- bass
Aidan Fisher- drums

recorded/mixed by Cameron Konner throughout the winter/spring of 2017

artwork created by Pap Souleye Fall

all music by Mob Terror
all lyrics by Sam Gasparre




Mob Terror Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: People
is it better off we’ve checked out
to a different port within in a crowd?
where there's a warmth that's damp
and dulls most senses.
can you feel it?
or is it a tunnel of too many colors
melting out it’s walls?
where there's a heartbeat thump
like a siren
blasting off and on
but between (you and me)
i can't tell one
from the other
i've yet to find much difference
between any warmth
and any color
Track Name: Flushed
i got flushed through a black gap
and now i can breathe through my wounds
and i can smell it through my skin
just like rusted metal after rain
but its black all the same
its all the same
trying to feel
through every grey fucking day
Track Name: Ursula H'x
we’re falling through a trap door
without any sound
your eyes Green
the only color
like taillights diffusing
away from the floor
never touching
in a perfect
parallel drop
going deeper
and deeper
and out
Track Name: & over &
what a waste
you’ve got a stage but nothing to say
or even feel
i’ve done the same
postured as though my rage
was thoughtful
or special
or different
or needed
instead of words best left eaten
it’s an endless exorcism
can you bleed if there's no one to see it?
you must be possessed
Track Name: New Orleans Underwater
i've felt at home under a different sky
a sense of myself having been there
like a dead relative I never met
its getting hotter everyday
and some people treat it like a playground
a hole to get loaded and soon be out
but there'll always be someone to pick up the trash
and some can't move to higher ground
there are roots that are planted and not pulled out
and some people treat it like a playground
instead of a culture that's being hallowed
and despite this poor projection
i submit for your assessment
the erasure of place through investment
made possible through neglect of those effected
and it's getting hotter every day